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Re: Re: Re: wrapper funcs to cvs cmds

From: mehul choube
Subject: Re: Re: Re: wrapper funcs to cvs cmds
Date: 19 Nov 2002 09:53:19 -0000

Not quite sure why you would need this, but maybe
"expect" will do your thing.
        i m working on a product which need a good data
storage. now we decided to go for cvs as a data storage.
now the product GUI is written in VB. now i want this
VB prog to call cvs commands. for this i thougt the best
way will be to write a DLL of wrapper funcs on existing
cvs cmds in C programming language. i think the same is
done in wincvs. expect is one way to do but how this can
be done without using expect? i would like to do it
without using expect. how this can be done using IPC?
any one with experience in developing cvs client will
be of much help.

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