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Re: Branches and Dates

From: Jenn Vesperman
Subject: Re: Branches and Dates
Date: 20 Nov 2002 12:32:21 +1100

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 10:06, Larry Jones wrote:
> Eric Siegerman writes:
> > 
> > On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 10:16:47AM -0500, Larry Jones wrote:
> > > You need to specify both the branch and the date.  Unfortunately, not
> > > all CVS subcommands allow both -D and -r at the same time [...]
> > 
> > Why not?
> Existing inconsistency coupled with profound indecision over exactly how
> to best provide the capability.  Some places in CVS allow you to specify
> a branch and a date in a single package, like update -j's branch:date
> syntax.  Other places, like update, allow specifying -r and -D at the
> same time.  Still other places, most notably diff, allow -r and -D at
> the same time, but interpret them as specifying two different revisions
> rather than jointly specifying a single revision.  Trying to unify all
> that is a daunting task, particulary when you try to ensure that the
> result will be upward compatible (for all of clients, servers, and
> users).

Thank you for clarifying that.

Hrm. Given that some places (such as diff) need to be able to specify -r
and -D to mean two distinct revisions, would the branch:date syntax be
the most effective answer?

And given that it's an expansion of functionality, is there a problem
with implementing it in the next version and then allowing other
development teams to add it as they go?

Jenn V.
    "Do you ever wonder if there's a whole section of geek culture 
                you miss out on by being a geek?" - Dancer.


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