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Re: New member

From: P. Fleury
Subject: Re: New member
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 14:20:48 +0900
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Zieg, Mark wrote:

Thanks for the info although you quoted me wrong on my second question,
your answer made sense.
'twas meant as an analogy.  s'okay, you mispelled my name :-)

So to be more specific, I will be setting up CVS for a multi platform,
multi OS environment where the developers will work either/or remotely
in the office, some of them are very junior and some of them highly
experience. I will also be supporting those users so I was thinking
of using a web client so that I would only have to support one CVS client.

There are fans of both WinCVS and jCVS.  I'm not a GUI user myself, but in
To add my salt to this soup, I'd say also that some IDE have this functionality well integrated. For example NetBeans, the Java IDE, has it well integrated and is really easy to use. But if you don't develop Java, you may or may not have it in the IDE you users select. WinCVS and jCVS are fine tools, but they are eparate from the IDE, which users may or may not like.


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