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Problem with partially lost branch information

From: Karl-König Königsson
Subject: Problem with partially lost branch information
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 18:16:08 +0100
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Hi all,

I have a problem with my CVS repository that I don't understand: I have
a branch called "forv_ver1_020311-branch" in a module named "itp" which
has been in use for quite a while (as you can tell from the name).

I have created a local sandbox of this branch with the following:

        cvs co -r forv_ver1_020311-branch itp

Now, the odd thing is that the content of itp/CVS/Tag is
"Nforv_ver1_020311-branch", where I would have assumed a leading "T"
instead of the "N".

Furthermore are there five directories in this module: build, docs,
external, install and main. The contents of these:

        $ for i in build docs external install main
        > do cat $i/CVS/Tag; done

As you can see is the branch treated as a tag in two of these, whereas
it is a branch in the rest. This has the upshot that it is impossible to
add files to the first two directories in this branch, but quite
allright in the other three.

Anyone seen this before? What is going on? How can I fix this?

Sincerely yours

        Karl-Koenig Koenigsson

The background gurgling noise heard in Wimby Bars caused by people
trying to get the last bubbles out of their milkshakes by slurping
loudly through their straws.
(The Meaning of Liff, Douglas Adams)

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