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Re: Problem with partially lost branch information

From: Karl-König Königsson
Subject: Re: Problem with partially lost branch information
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 14:05:00 +0100
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Larry Jones wrote:

Most likely, there is at least one file in each of those directories
where that tag is a revision tag rather than a branch tag.
I have found a few files with this problem: I used the cvs graphing capability of WinCVS to look for tags instead of branches, but that was very time consuming.

I then tried this approach: a file with the branch tag set should have a cvs version number with a zero in it; one of the adminstrative numbers. I thus did this from the command line:

find . -type f -exec sh -c "cvs -q log {} | grep forv_ver1_020311-branch" \; -print 2>/dev/null |less

Which produces a list with along these lines:


A rather brutal approach, you'll agree. Anyway, the odd thing is that I have now rid this structure of files with a wrong tagging but the error still is there. I wonder: could there be files in the Attic that are screwing up my directory structure?

Furthermore: is my very-large-ax approach a good was of searching for this error? It there are files in the Attic that are acting up, how am I going to find them? Should I search on the raw RCS files in the repository instead? How do I adapt my script to do that? (I'm not fluent in RCS at all)

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