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Re: Merging II - Why do new files not get merged?

From: Karl-König Königsson
Subject: Re: Merging II - Why do new files not get merged?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:07:42 +0100
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Euan Guttridge wrote:

I am trying to merge a branch with a tagged set of files. All works well except the newly created files in tag1 are not included in the merge, only existing files are merged. Please advise, thanks.

I expect that you have created a revision tag, i.e., you have tagged a specific set of files. If it was a branch tag, then I realise that you would expect the merge to work, but a revision tag is a different beast. For a merge to work in such a case you have to first create and add a file, and then tag it with your tag:

   cvs add
   cvs ci
   cvs tag tag1

Now, if you do a "cvs co -r tag1 module1" the newly created file will appear.

   Karl-Koenig Koenigsson

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