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Re: cvs does not add hierachy files

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: cvs does not add hierachy files
Date: 26 Nov 2002 15:57:05 -0800

Mike Ayers <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> Charles Sun wrote:
> > I am a newbie. I added many files and directories in the original check 
> > out.  Is there a simple way to add all of them?  ??cvs add?? does not 
> > add hierarchy files and directories.  ??cvs import?? will create 
> > unnecessary tags on other cvs files.  I wish ??cvs add?? has a ??-R?? 
> > option.
>       Please do not send HTML mail to technical mailing lists.
>       As far as CVS not adding everything new in a tree, this is 
> deliberate.  This prevents the inadvertent adding of intermediate 
> files and other files that you would not wish to version control. 

Meta-CVS has ``add -R'', because it's just too darn useful. Other
version control systems also have recursive add.

The problem of adding unwanted files is partially taken care of by
making a list of the suffixes, determining which ones are new, and
then allowing the user to edit a specification which indicates how to
treat the new types. One of the choices is to ignore them. This isn't
a perfect solution, but it's good enough to make recursive add useful
in a good many situations.

There are situations in which a recursive add is the right thing, and
local files are not an issue. For example, suppose you just unpacked
the source code of some library under your project and want to add it
under version control before configuring and compiling anything. Since
it's a source code distribution, everything coming out of the the
tarball should belong in version control.

Intermediate files are also not a problem if you have a proper ``make
clean'' or equivalent scrubbing procedure.

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