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Splitting a respository

From: Karl-König Königsson
Subject: Splitting a respository
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 11:19:04 +0100
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Once upon a time we started with a project and CVS. This project then evolved and is now two projects; one that is residing in HEAD and one in another branch. We both release versions and both have branches to keep track of these. This is getting silly...

So, we have this *huge* respository with in essence two branches in it. How, if at all possible, can I split this into two different CVS repositories while still keeping the history?

I realise that the best way would be to just dump the branch and use that as a base for the new repository. I have advocated that the developers on that side could well use our repository for history while working in the new, but that has met with some resistance. Thus the need for a split with retained history.

One way would be to use the small script I saw posted here once that saved all revisions of a file. I could thus extract all versions of all files and then add them one at a time to the repository, but this is getting silly as well...

Any ideas, anybody?


   Karl-Koenig Koenigsson

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