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why only the directory can be listed there?

From: Lu Fang
Subject: why only the directory can be listed there?
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 12:42:39 +0000


I have set up a CVS server under win2000 OS. I want to design a web based interface to check the content of my repository. So I set up appache web server and installed activeperl also. I also used CVSWEB. I have done some proper settings for all of them, but when I use the cvsweb to check the content of my repository, I only can see the folders listed there. when I click further to see what files contented in that folder, there is a blank page displayed. I really don't know what's the problem and my project can not continue for several days becos i can not solve this problem. Really need ur help! thanks a lot!

By the way, when I use DOS comment line to access the repository, the file can be listed out there. So I think my CVS should have been set up what's wrong?


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