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Re: why only the directory can be listed there?

From: Mahantesh
Subject: Re: why only the directory can be listed there?
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 18:33:26 +0530

Lu Fang wrote:
> I have set up a CVS server under win2000 OS. I want to design a web based
> interface to check the content of my repository. So I set up appache web
> server and installed activeperl also. I also used CVSWEB. I have done some
> proper settings for all of them, but when I use the cvsweb to check the
> content of my repository, I only can see the folders listed there. when I
> click further to see  what files contented in that folder, there is a blank
> page displayed. I really don't know what's the problem and my project can
> not continue for several days becos i can not solve this problem. Really
> need ur help! thanks a lot!
> By the way, when I use DOS comment line to access the repository, the file
> can be listed out there. So I think my CVS should have been set up
> what's wrong?
Although I cannot give the solution for your problem, I suggest to use
"viewcvs". It is enhanced version of cvsweb 
and has lot of other features also.
There is an active mailing list also to help in case of any problems.
Google for it and you will get it.

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