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RE: Problem: CVS RPM package relocation incomplete

From: Martin Roehrig
Subject: RE: Problem: CVS RPM package relocation incomplete
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 09:52:55 +0100

Hi Mike,

I saw your mail this morning when coming from christmas vacation. Thank you for
Of course you are right in pointing me to an rpm news group. I just hoped that
the original author(s) of the spec file remembered what they wrote why and maybe
they also had more experience now to solve the problem without effort.
So I'll investigate it further and post the results - if any - later.


P.S. Sorry to all that this email appeared several times. It was because of a
confusion about which of my email addresses was registered at the list after a
change of this registered address. So I got several "awaits moderator approval"
emails until I  got my posting to the list, hoping that the other ones would be
removed anyway. Sorry for that.

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> Ayers
> Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2002 5:40 AM
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> Subject: Re: Problem: CVS RPM package relocation incomplete
>       Hi Martin,
>       I think you'll have better results pursuing this in an RPM forum.
> The problem as you describe it seems to be a rather generic one, and I
> imagine that the solution, if there is one, is well known amongst RPM
> experts.
>       Sorry,
> /|/|ike

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