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One Workspace, Multiple Repositories

From: David Eisner
Subject: One Workspace, Multiple Repositories
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 10:32:54 -0500 (EST)

Consider the following scenario:

I have a workspace on the local disk of my PC here at work.  I like
working from the local disk because it's fast.  I have a personal
repository on a networked filesystem.  At the end of each day,
I update the repository.  Among other things, this serves as a backup,
and it also makes it easy to work from home if I want to.

Periodically, say once a week, I'd like to check my code into
a separate, "official" departmental repository.  And, when changes
are made in the departmental repository, I'd like to be able to
cvs update the changes to my workspace (and check them into
my personal repository as well).

Back in October, there was some talk of patching cvs to provide
the one workspace, multiple repository functionality I'm looking for:

Did anything ever become of this?



David Eisner            | E-mail: address@hidden   |
CALCE EPSC              | Phone:  301-405-5341     |
University of Maryland  | Fax:    301-314-9269     |

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