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Intial Config

From: Thomas A. Dee
Subject: Intial Config
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 08:18:05 -0800

I tried the Import command in SmartCVS client which looks

>right but at the end when it tries to move the files I am getting

>authentication errors when I point the repository to /CVS or could not

>find /CVS/CVSROOT/CVSROOT directory when I point the repository to

>/CVS/CVSROOT but it seems to authenticate me. I created the password file

>on the pserver which I put in the encrypted passwords and user names (we are running NIS, not using /etc/passwd for users)and made the changes to /etc/services and inetd.

>I have a CVSROOT directory setup as the repository which contains no

>modules yet. I am confused on why it would try to add another CVSROOT

>directory. Thank you in advance for any ideas. Thanks,



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