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Weird release message

From: lpeterson
Subject: Weird release message
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:20:27 -0700

I'm in the process of switching my team's source control from SourceSafe to CVS (using CVSNT).  Everything has gone great, but there's been one little issue that's bugged me.  When I invoke "cvs release -d somedir" on a directory where I know I all my changes have been committed, I get the message "You have [1] altered files in this repository."  If I abort the release, switch to somedir, and run "cvs -q -n update", CVS doesn't find any altered files.  After some more experimentation, I found that "cvs release -d" would always report one altered file, no matter how many files had actually been altered.

Have I missed something somewhere?  On my Solaris server, I'm using a different cvs command-line client (1-11-1p1), and it seems to report the correct number of altered files.  This is a small issue, everything else seems to work fine.  But it's bugging me, and possibly I've missed something important.

Lance Peterson
801 453 9111

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