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CVS error and rsh question

From: Jeeva Sarma
Subject: CVS error and rsh question
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 10:57:24 -0800 (PST)


I just downloaded the cvs client 1.11.4 for windows.
It is working fine for some of us, but one of the
developers is getting the following error

CVS.EXE update: reading from Socket
operation on non-socket
CVS.EXE [update aborted]: cannot start server via rsh:
No such file or directory

Any ideas what must be causing this on his machine? He
says he gets it using both wincvs and command line

My cvs server is version 1.11.2 on Unix.

PS: he does not have rsh installed on his machine, but
then even I don't(when I say rsh at command line, it
says bad command or file name).But this version of cvs
and the previous ones work fine for me. He has no
problems with the older version of client we were
using(1.11.1) We are using the :server method of
connecting the client & server. That means an internal
rsh client. Can anyone explain how this works for us
even though we don't have rsh installed on our

Jeeva Sarma

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