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Fixed watches problem - next issue...

From: ADFH
Subject: Fixed watches problem - next issue...
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:09:22 +1100

Thanks to all who responded to my initial queries RE watches in CVS. It
turned out that Debian stable has a version with broken watches, but
Debian unstable/testing has a version which is patched such that there
is no bug. I updated the debian distro on the server and installed the
newer cvs and watches are now working.

Now that I have watches going, I want to be able to draw the "end
developer's" attention to the fact that the file is being edited by
someone else.

Using WinCVS - it lists the usernames currently editing the file when
one selects edit.

... but I'm not entirely sure how the watches notify someone?
... and how this notification works in cross platform, client/server
... could the "the file you're editing is being edited by someone else
too" be highlighted by some means similar to a popup?

Ideally something like "The file you want to edit is being edited by
someone else, do you wish to proceed with editing anyway?" or otherwise
if it's not being edited by anyone else, just go ahead with it.

Happy to RTFM - documentation I've read so far seems a little thin on
how exactly watch notification works.


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