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Re: "Promotion groups"

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: "Promotion groups"
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 08:22:28 -0800

I implemented such a system using CVS about 10 years ago, and it worked
quite well.  There has been some discussion about it over time in this
forum.  Search the archives for "submit/assemble" for details.

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I would also be very interested in hearing other's responses to this. 
We're going to be setting up the same thing in CVS in the near future -
the promotion scripts will automatically tag CVS with the proper tag as
part of the promotion process (dev, test, staging, prod).

We're also debating about ways to keep track of previous versions
tagged for each environment.  We'd like to do this to provide rollback
functionality - in other words, if I promote a bad version of the app
to Test, it's easier/quicker to grab the previous version that was in
test, re-build it, and re-deploy than to request a restore from our
backup group.

Just wondering if anyone else had experience with this type of system,
and how they automated it, what problems they ran into, etc.

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