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Windows CVS 1.11.4

From: Jim
Subject: Windows CVS 1.11.4
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:41:33 -0800

There's quite a flaw with this CVS.  It seems to open ever file as text, and not binary, therefore converting all \n's to \r\n.  Even those lines that have \r\n on them.. so files checked out have \r\r\n when they're all done.  I use a variety of CVS clients, many are the Cygwin port, which will preserve the \r\n's in the file, and put them in the repository, these, when checked out with the pure windows client are quite mangled... and also, a commit will indicate that ALL the files have changed, when in fact none of them have... this I thought originally was a date issue... but I think that's not the problem... but then I don't know specifically how CVS decides if a file has changed...
But, ya know, unless otherwise specified with an O_BINARY flag, open() on windows opens files in text mode?

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