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Re: Help please with problem with rtag

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: Help please with problem with rtag
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 21:41:54 -0800
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Lynch, Harold wrote:

   The problem I am seeing is that very infrequently the rtag command seems
to miss a file when I tag (either a tag or a branch tag) a module in my repository.
   These doesn't seem to be a pattern to the file missed (both text and
binary files have been missed).
   The version of cvs is 1.10.8 (both clients and server). The repository is
on a solaris 8 box.

I have never seen or heard of such a problem. However, I can't recall the last time I heard of someone using a version as old as you are, either. The stock response is to recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version, 1.11.4. You would get much better help here if you saw your problem on that version, which you probably won't.

        Good luck,


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