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CVS win2000 gurus, are you there?

From: Benni Stefanutti
Subject: CVS win2000 gurus, are you there?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 10:38:09 +0100

Hi all wise guys and girls!


I'm about to install CVS (cvsnt) on Win2000 instead of using MS SourceSafe. I 
know that any of the Unix based OS is preferred (as always) for this. 
Unfortunately a win2000 server is the only server I able to use. 


I've read some documentation and have been following the discussions. There 
seems to be to be some pitfalls using Windows. Is that so? What are your main 
experiences and advice, to a novice CVS cm like me, regarding using CVS on 


Thanks in advance!




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