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Re: CVS case problem

From: Jim
Subject: Re: CVS case problem
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 07:36:20 -0800

> > I've a problem, I have a lot of files with the same name but with
> > case in the same directory, since I working on UNIX there is not a
> > but now when I tried to check out on NT this return a Conflict and this
> > fine because cvs try to check out 2 files with the same name but with
> > different content.
> Yes.  You can't do this.  There is no workaround.  You must either
> rename some files, abandon Windows, or make a workaround in your own
> process.

Also - make sure your windows editor maintains the case - the windows file
systems will actually maintain the case of the filenames (even if it doesn't
make them significant), but many(some?) editors will do stupid things like
capitalize the filenames before writing it back out.

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