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RE: CVS win2000 gurus, are you there?

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: RE: CVS win2000 gurus, are you there?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 10:12:43 -0800

Benni Stefanutti writes:

> I've read some documentation and have been following the 
> discussions. There seems to be to be some pitfalls using Windows. 
> Is that so? 

Not particularly. We were, in fact, running our repository on a Win2000
Pro box for a while (until the box itself died). We just followed the
CVSNT directions to the letter while setting it up. Using it in
:pserver: mode. There was no problem with the basic operation.

The only minor problems we faced were setting up those famous loginfo
and commitinfo scripts to send mail on commits - the Perl scripts were
not too hard to set up, but hacking those scripts for NT sendmail was a

Now we're on a Linux box, and most of the scripts just drop in and
operate well :-).

But otherwise no, there shouldn't be *any* problem running CVSNT as a
:pserver:. It should even be possible to run it in :ssh: mode (if you
have the right SSH server installed on your Win2K box - there are
several available, both free and commercial).

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