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Submodules Wierdness Checking out Wrong Modules

From: Nathan DeBardeleben
Subject: Submodules Wierdness Checking out Wrong Modules
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:39:58 -0500 (EST)

My modules file looks like this:

INTERNALfoo-random -d random foo-random
INTERNALfoo-bar -d bar foo-bar

foo foo &INTERNALfoo-random &INTERNALfoo-bar

Obviously I have 3 modules - foo-random, foo-bar, and
foo.  The idea here is that, if a user checks out 'foo-random' we want
them to get the directory 'foo-random'.  However, if they check out the entire
superproject 'foo' we don't want to give them directories inside called
'foo-random' and 'foo-bar' because, it's quite clear
that they are already inside of the foo module.

The above should work, in my opinion.
When I 'cvs co foo' I get the directory structure I want:

When I do an update inside of foo, everything works.  HOWEVER, when I do an
'update -d' or 'cvs co foo' again (both of which should say there were no
changes - assume I've done no commits) CVS starts checking out *OTHER* modules
inside of the foo tree.  I actually get a tree that is:
    . . .

The interesting thing is that it never stops, it just keeps checking out more
and more modules - I eventually ^C it.  Here's a lot of me doing this:

[machinename]~...tmp > cvs co foo
cvs checkout: Updating foo
cvs checkout: Updating random
U random/file1
U random/file2
cvs checkout: Updating bar
U bar/file3
U bar/file4
[machinename]~...tmp >

** NOW update -d OR checkout AGAIN **

[machinename]~...tmp > cvs co foo
cvs checkout: Updating foo
cvs checkout: Updating foo/random
cvs checkout: Updating foo/random/SOME_OTHER_MODULE
U foo/random/SOME_OTHER_MODULE/file4
U foo/random/SOME_OTHER_MODULE/file5
U foo/random/SOME_OTHER_MODULE/file6
. . .
cvs [checkout aborted]: received interrupt signal
[machinename]~...tmp >

Is it not possible to have included modules that you rename the directories of?
I've seen examples of this done all over the place but never in conjunction,
there doesn't seem anything specifically to prohibit it, however.

It looks like CVS is getting really confused about what modules are included,
but I have a hard time believing that this is not just something I am doing

I have been struggling with this for days - can someone please advise me?

Thank you.

 - Nathan

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