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Merge changes made in a branch of repository-1 to a branch in repository

From: MVR Raju
Subject: Merge changes made in a branch of repository-1 to a branch in repository-2 ?
Date: 26 Jan 2003 11:08:35 -0000

I am a newbie to CVS and I don't know where to put my query in the cvs mailing list. I guess this is the one I am looking for.

I have two repositories on a single system (just an internal reason). Let's call them as rep-1 and rep-2. I have several branches on both of them, and say one of them on rep-1 is branch_A, and on rep-2 is branch_B.

I would like to merge changes made on either mainline of rep-1 or branch_A to either mainline of rep-2 or branch_B. I tried this on a file using -d option (Tell CVS the location of repository). It looks, it does not work. Here is the set of commands for one case.

1. cvs -d <path_to_rep-1> checkout -r <rep-1_branch_A> <file>
2. make changes to file
3. cvs commit <file>
4. cvs -d <path_to_rep-2> checkout -r <rep-2_branch_B> <file>
5. make changes to file
6. Meanwhile several developers committed fixes to rep-1 branch_A. I want to merge those fixes to rep-2 branch_B.
7. cvs -d <path_to_rep-1> update -j <rep-1_branch_A> <file>

I have couple of questions here. Can CVS help me with a solution for this? Did someone work on this problem earlier? Is there any tool ? Can I change CVS code locally to support the above scenario, something like this : cvs update -j <branch_name> -tree <tree_name> <file_name>

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Raju Manthena

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