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Is this a bug in 1.11.2?

From: ADFH
Subject: Is this a bug in 1.11.2?
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:07:23 +1100

I check out a project..
        cvs -r ... co ....

I update local copy..
        cvs -r update -d

I edit stuff..
        cvs edit ....

I commit the stuff back..
        cvs commit ....

When I commit stuff, it saves changes and then delists me as editor, but
doesn't set the file back to read only. Is this another 1.11.2 bug? Or
am I missing a flag on my commit command? Or am I not quite
understanding cvs edit?

Not life threatening - but not setting to read only means I forget to
"edit" files every so often.

PS. Anyone else getting Nigerian spams delivered to their mail accounts
they use on this list? I mean, you'd think they'd clue out that
programmers are the least likely to respond to spam (at least I'd hope

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