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Re: CVS Included Modules and Directory Renaming Problems

From: Nathan DeBardeleben
Subject: Re: CVS Included Modules and Directory Renaming Problems
Date: 28 Jan 2003 04:13:28 -0800

Pierre Asselin <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> In <address@hidden> address@hidden (Nathan DeBardeleben) writes:
> That certainly looks peculiar.  Can you show us the directory entries
> in coven-gui/parl/pse/CVS/Entries after the initial checkout and after
> the aborted update?  (grep '^D' will do).  Maybe also further up the
> tree, in coven-gui/parl/CVS/Entries and coven-gui/CVS/Entries.  I don't
> understand how cvs knew about parl/pse/BNR/ .

Certainly.  Upon first checkout the Entries and Entries.Log for
coven-gui/parl/CVS/Entries and Entries.Log are:

[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries
[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries.Log 
A D/pse////
A D/pse////
A D/pse////
A D/pse////
[bliss]~...CVS > pwd

And the same files in coven-gui/parl/pse/CVS are:

[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries 
[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries.Log
A D/cecaad////
A D/editor////
A D/util////
A D/coven////
[bliss]~...CVS > pwd

Everything seems ok.  Then I do the aborted update -d and get the
following results:

[bliss]~...coven-gui > pwd
[bliss]~...coven-gui > cvs update -d
. . . 
 - it starts bringing in module BNR -
cvs [update aborted]: received interrupt signal
[bliss]~...coven-gui > cd parl/CVS
[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries
[bliss]~...CVS > cd ../pse
[bliss]~...pse > ls
BNR  CVS  cecaad  coven  editor  util
[bliss]~...pse > cd CVS
[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries
[bliss]~...CVS > cat Entries.Log
A D/BNR////
[bliss]~...CVS >

> Also, is there a parl/pse/BNR/ in the repository, somewhere under $CVSROOT ?
> Actually, where is that BNR/ module?

The BNR module, as well as the other modules I'm using - coven-gui,
pse-cecaad, pse-editor, pse-util, pse-coven, etc are all under
[bliss]~...coven-gui > env | grep CVS
[bliss]~...coven-gui > ls /projects/CVS
. . .
other modules
. . .
. . .
. . .
[bliss]~..coven-gui >

As an asside.  I have tested and shown that this problem does not
happen if I do not try and rename the modules.  For instance, I rename
(with the -d option in the modules file) the module pse-cecaad to
parl/pse/cecaad.  If I let it include the module as
coven-gui/pse-cecaad this problem DOES NOT appear.

Additionally, I have spoked with colleagues that have had this same
problem with a completely different project but within the same CVS
repository.  Thinking it was the repository I created a completely
seperate repository and put the coven-gui modules into it - the same
problem persisted.  I even recreated the entire problem on a
completely different system to try and rule out something that may be
hiding the problem.  Again, I can recreate this problem every time.

Sadly, if I create a very simple collection of modules: projA, projB,
and projC all with a single file in them and then include them inside
of, say, projSUPER but rename with -d the modules to A, B, and C this
problem DOES NOT appear.

It's starting to sound like a bug, perhaps one that's caused by "very
large" modules?  I don't know - perhaps the output above from the
entries files will be helpful.

Once again, your help is greatly appreciated.

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