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Re: sending summary mails

From: Christian Andersson
Subject: Re: sending summary mails
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:15:25 +0100
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/repository/dir1/dir2/file2.txt is a new file added by USER

You can modify the loginfo file in CVSROOT to set up commit emails to be
sent whenever a commit occurs. There are scripts that come with CVS in
contrib (e.g. log and log_accum), which can be used to do most of what you
want. Just add an entry to loginfo that passes things like the email address
to send to the script.

ok I've tried that, but I've not been able to get it working...

I'm not quite sure if the version of log_accum I got on the computer is a recent one, do you know wher eI can get a newer one?

Why I do not think I got a newer one is that on all the websites I've been looking at with regards to log_accum they use parameters that does not appear to be valid in the version I have.. but i cannot be sure, since the file does not contain any version info as far as I can see.

I do however get a little problem with it running...
whenever I do a commit, I get an error back (the commit works, so there is no errors there) where it says something like

Cannot open file /tmp/#cvs.lastdir.5053.

there is no problem creating files in /tmp since log_accum has created 2 files there already #cvs.files.log.0.5053 and #cvs.files.changed.0.5053

I have tried to keep the config simple so this is the line I've added to the loginfo file in the CVSROOT

ALL  /usr/lib/cvs/contrib/log_accum -d -m [MY_EMAIL] -s %{sVv}

the question is now, what is wrong, how do  I fix it...

Debug turned on...
module - project
dir    - project/test/
path   - project:test
files  - project/,,
id     - 5113
Searching for log file index... found log file at 0.5113, now writing tmp files.
Checking current dir against last dir.
Cannot open file /tmp/#cvs.lastdir.5113.
Command Finished.

/Christian Andersson

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