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Re: RE : TAG and file removing

From: david
Subject: Re: RE : TAG and file removing
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 09:16:25 -0600 (CST)

> My question 1 is : how should I reassign tag to this file ?
> Is it OK to checkout the file only with a date,
> then tag it with exactly the same tag name as before ?
That works.  You can also use cvs rtag, but I usually prefer
to check the file out and look at it to try to make sure it's
the version I wanted. 
> Question 2 : as, in my opinion, the are no reason to
> remove a file from a tag, since the tag is here to
> keep version history, it's a way to "named" a moment
> versus remember the exact date with second precision.
That's one way to use a tag.  Another would be to keep track
of branch merge status.  For example, at my last job we might have
tags release_6, and we'd also have a tag release_6_merged, so that
the changes merged into release_6 could easily be merged to head.
In that case we wanted release_6_merged to keep moving (although
we didn't want tags like release_6_root or release_6_1_shipped to).

> So could CVS server developper remove this dangerous "feature" ?
> The rules could be "no commit on a tag".
> (OK to commit in a branche, but not in a tag).
What you could do is implement the taginfo file.  Look up the *info
files in the manual.  Taginfo can call a program that is passed the tag,
the operation, and some other arguments.  All you need for this purpose
is the tag and the operation ("add", "del", "move").  Define a regexp
for what tag names expect to be moved (such as any ending in "_merged",
for example), and do the following in the program:

Return 1 if the tag name is not one to be moved, or if the operation
is "del" or "move".  Return 0 otherwise.  You might want to leave a
back door to remove and move tags (such as checking who the user is),
or you might want to just change the taginfo file when you need to
do such yourself.  There may well be a need to delete or remove

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