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Re: Ignore local changes?

From: Wade Williams
Subject: Re: Ignore local changes?
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 11:37:39 -0600

Yes there is:  Do not ever modify the CVS controlled file!

Always, and only ever, modify a copy of any file if you don't want CVS
to see your changes to it!

I.e. this is a build system problem, not a CVS problem.

No, it's not a CVS problem.

However, CVS could make life easier with this as an option.

I can't imagine I'm the only developer that makes local changes to try something out, but wants to be sure those changes do not end up in the repository.

The problem with "it's a build system problem" is that the files in question are not a part of any build system. They're application configuration files. So, that requires me to modify the original file, and then make sure the original is back in place before committing so my changes are not put into the repository.

But, it sounds as if I'd be beating my head against the wall by arguing this one further.


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