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Problem while connecting to AIX server

From: Satyanarayan Nanda
Subject: Problem while connecting to AIX server
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 09:44:46 -0800

Hi ,
   I have the following directory stucture in the AIX

I installed cvs in the /home/cvsadmin directory and initialized the directory , using the command
/home/cvsadmin/cvs -d /home/cvsadmin init

Then i created two directories in /home/satya , to add it to repositories , the following commands are executed .

cd /home/satya
mkdir source
/home/cvsadmin/cvs -d /home/cvsadmin add source

it gave the message that the directory got added

I created the passwd file for me .

when I am trying invoke this from my WSAD editor , the connection(pserver ) was smooth . I gave the repository location as /home/cvsadmin .

but when I am trying to expand HEAD stream , i was expecting to see source under that .

but the following error messages are showing .

-f server:updating
-f server:new directory 'CVSROOT' -- ignored
-f server:new directory 'source' -- ignored

kindly clarify me , how to solve this problem.

Many thanks in advance
Satyanarayan Nanda
email : address@hidden

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