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RE: Problem while connecting to AIX server

From: Gurpreet Singh (SCM)
Subject: RE: Problem while connecting to AIX server
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 12:37:49 +0530

Preferably, the cvs binaries should not be on on repository path.
initiating cvs in /home/cvsadmin would create the CVSROOT, the admin files parallel to your path where the cvs is lying.
and also the project folders... it would be tricky also to execute the OS perm at this level, better you init cvs under /home/cvsadmin/projects which would create the cvsroot there itself.... and would be easier as a admin to restrict the perm at the /home/cvsadmin/projects level.
Do check the inetd.conf for the CVS entries and the repo path ie /home/cvsadmin/projects ( if you go thru this) - this would check for the error. Also then restart the service.
Gurpreet S
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From: Satyanarayan Nanda [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 11:15 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Problem while connecting to AIX server

Hi ,
   I have the following directory stucture in the AIX

I installed cvs in the /home/cvsadmin directory and initialized the directory , using the command
/home/cvsadmin/cvs -d /home/cvsadmin init

Then i created two directories in /home/satya , to add it to repositories , the following commands are executed .

cd /home/satya
mkdir source
/home/cvsadmin/cvs -d /home/cvsadmin add source

it gave the message that the directory got added

I created the passwd file for me .

when I am trying invoke this from my WSAD editor , the connection(pserver ) was smooth . I gave the repository location as /home/cvsadmin .

but when I am trying to expand HEAD stream , i was expecting to see source under that .

but the following error messages are showing .

-f server:updating
-f server:new directory 'CVSROOT' -- ignored
-f server:new directory 'source' -- ignored

kindly clarify me , how to solve this problem.

Many thanks in advance
Satyanarayan Nanda
email : address@hidden

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