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FW: CVS Lock Passing

From: Ray Ramadorai
Subject: FW: CVS Lock Passing
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 09:37:21 -0700

I am working on a project to do some CVS mirroring and am looking at
making a change to the CVS code to enable passing a write lock from an
other process.  Before I get to far though I wanted to see if anyone was
already working code in that area and get some feedback on methods for
doing this if it has been considered in the past.  The method I am
planning to use involves using cvslock to create the lock then running
cvs with an extra command line param that is the lock name created by
cvslock.  This would then be used in lock.c:set_lock as a valid
alternative to actually doing the atomic #cvs.lock directory creation.  
Ray Ramadorai

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