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RE: WinCVS time information

From: Brian Kowald
Subject: RE: WinCVS time information
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 11:31:07 -0400

As for Novell, it depends on the time stamps it reports. Its an interaction
between the file system, the time zone, and whether or or not "Automatically
update for daylight savings time" is checked in the clock panel. WinCVS is
trying to detect whether to local file system is FAT or NTFS and I don't
know which it report.

- Try unchecking "Automaticallly Update Clock for Daylight Savings Time" in
the clock panel, then adjust the clock for the right time.
- Make sure the time zone is right.
- Did you try doing a CVS UPDATE. Test it with a single file and see if the
modfied icon goes away.      Wincvs is looking at time stamps in the
CVS\Entries file
- Try a clean checkout to a different directory.
- ideally the sandbox should be on a local hard drive. Builds will sure be a
lot faster.

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One last tidbit:

The files in question are stored on a Novell share, not on the
developer's local machine.  The Novell server is also set to the
correct time, but I'm wondering if there are any problems, unrelated to
DST, with storing CVS files on Novell shares.


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