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authentication failed

From: mehul choube
Subject: authentication failed
Date: 17 Apr 2003 08:35:42 -0000

hi all,
we keep our sources in a repository on a different machine(Red Hat Linux release 7.0 (Guinness), Kernel 2.2.16-22 on an i686). method of access is pserver and in CVSROOT/config it is mentioned to us System authentication.

everything was working fine. i was able to import new module, add files, commit files, checkout modules, etc. for lase 15 - 20 days i am working with fellow programmer on his module and was interacting with repository using his user account. now i forgot my user account's password and so changed my old password(using root login). now i m able to telnet to the repository machine with new password but i m not able to commit changes to repository using my user account and the new password. the cvs server says authentication failed.
what is the problem? how can it be solved?


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