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Re: fixing binary files

From: Max Bowsher
Subject: Re: fixing binary files
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 22:17:27 +0100

Ronald Petty wrote:
> I added a bunch of binary (images) without -kb, I have read the
> instructions on what todo,  (this is what I am doing)
> I update cvswrappers to include
> #*.gif -k 'b'
> *.gif -k 'b'
> *.png -k 'b'
> *.jpeg -k 'b'
> *.jpg -k 'b'
> *.xcf -k 'b'
> *.sda -k 'b'
> *.ico -k 'b'
> Now I am doing this for each set of files
> find . -name *.jpg | xargs cvs admin -kb
> find . -name *.jpg | xargs cvs update -A
> And everything seems ok, however besides commiting another file is there
> any way to be sure this fixes it?

If you added them from Linux/Unix they are probably OK. Check them out and
try to view them.

If you added them from Windows, they are probably corrupt in the repository.
Try to view them, but you will probably have to check in uncorrupt versions.

If you are using Cygwin cvs, I suspect it will depend on your mount


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