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Do we have an alternative to tag, to record status of cvs repo

From: Satya Prasad DV
Subject: Do we have an alternative to tag, to record status of cvs repo
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 20:18:26 +0530

hi ,
In our orgn, we need to keep track of the code base status after each engineer's check in is done. We were using tagging to keep track of this. But the huge number of tags getting created over a long time have made the CVS repository bloated with tags. This is also making the sync. of repository with our branch located elsewhere too long.

I was wondering whether we have a whatfile kind of tool which was used in RCS(version no. of each file stored in a whatfile, which is used to check out the entire code base later). I tried to create a similar kind of tool using the CVS commands. I am able to create the info file by traversing through the Entries files in my local copy. But a check out using this file is taking around 4 hours, as I am issuing a check out command for each file separately.

Can any body give me a clue how to record the code base status, other than tagging, so that this can be used to check out the code later. I know that tag is the obvious solution. But I have problems with tagging, since it updates almost every file in the repo. This makes my update take too long.

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