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cvs update/checkout -f behavior

From: Remi Gurski
Subject: cvs update/checkout -f behavior
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 11:28:30 -0700

(The -f option for "cvs update" and "cvs checkout" forces a head revision if tag/date is not found.)

When issuing "cvs update -f -rtag" in a directory, it does as expected - all files containing "tag" are checked out with that tag, as well as the most recent version of all files not containing that tag. Unfortunately, it still applies the sticky tag to these other files, so the next "cvs update" removes them. "cvs update -f" will preserve them, but you have to specify that option every time - and adding it to .cvsrc isn't really an option, as you normally want the non-f behavior.

It seems this is always undesired behavior - if I used the -f option once, I want the untagged files to persist (presumably, continuing to update with the latest version), i.e. set the sticky flags for files containing the tag, and not for others. A "cvs update -rtag" command undoes that later, if required.

I consider this a bug. What does everyone else think? Is anyone else using the -f option where the current behavior is desirable?

- Remi

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