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loginfo and filenames with spaces

From: BackLoop
Subject: loginfo and filenames with spaces
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:57:57 +0300

I want to be able to send automatic notifications of activities inside CVS
repository. CVS has several triger scripts for that purpouse, for example
the loginfo script- I am building frontend (with web console) which logs all
activities in DB, identifies if one or more commited folders belong to same
commit and sends status email to corresponding people (branches are resolved
But there is problem with folders and filenames containing spaces - the
loginfo substitute parameter %s returns the folder and filelist separated by
space. Also I tried to capture stdout but there is the same- filelist
separated by space.
Any ideas how to resolve this? Maybe there is some patch for CVS which
adresses the problem?
And, maybe there is such administrative frontend ready for dowload or
everyone building their own?

-Nils Jakobson

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