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Cannot delete "release-tag" and "vendor-tag" from repository

From: Larry Lords
Subject: Cannot delete "release-tag" and "vendor-tag" from repository
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 15:50:49 -0600

This is the second time I have sent this.  I am not sure whether the first when through.
An engineer was evaluating some optional tools and accidently (?) imported his entire sandbox into the repository; thus creating a "vendor-tag" branch and a version of every file along with tagging each new version with a "release-tag" tag.
I have been able to delete all of the version of the files, but I cannot delete either of the tags.  The "cvs tag -d release-tag" command executes and gives an untagging message for each directory, but when I check the tag is still there.
I have tried to use the -B option to remove branched tags, but receive an invalid option message immediately.  We are currently running cvs
I would appreciate any help on this subject,
Larry Lords

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