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merging and very old deleted files

From: gq437x
Subject: merging and very old deleted files
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 21:46:46 +0200
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Is it usual behaviour of CVS to bring back old deleted files 
during a merge with 'update -j branchpoint_tag -j branch_tag'?

 cvs update -j BP_branchName -j branchName 

The file in question is a very old file that was deleted long 
ago before the branch 'branchName' was created and contains
neither the branch tag nor any other current tag. 

The file was not in the src directory before 'update -A' 
and the corresponding RCS file is in the Attic sub directory. 

I hesitated to commit this src directory now because I am afraid 
to reannimate this zombie.  

Here is the procedure we used to create and merge the branch

mkdir on_branch
cvs checkout -d on_branch  project
cd on_branch
cvs tag       BP_branchName
cvs tag    -b branchName 
cvs update -r branchName 

 #changed some files and committed 

cvs commit -m "on branch"
cvs tag       MergeStart_01_branchName
cvs update -A 
# <<<<<<< ** the 'very old file' does not exists in this dir. 
cvs update -j BP_branchName -j branchName 
# <<<<<<< ** now the 'very old file' is back !
#  it has an entry in CVS/Entry 

  client  1.11.1p1 
  server  1.11.5    access over SSH as 'ext'

Should I upgrade? 

Is there anything else I can do?

Thank you.


Volker Apelt

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