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cvs login via pserver w/shared working dir

From: Ed
Subject: cvs login via pserver w/shared working dir
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 13:04:02 -0600
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I have a pserver configuration riddle concerning a shared working dir with a 
remote repository.  Here's the setup:

        Remote CVS Server Host:  cvs1
        Remote CVS Repository:   cvs1:/cvsroot
        Local Server Hostname:   dev1
        Local Working Dir:       dev1:/shared/bigproject

We have many cvs1 users logging into dev1 and making changes on dev1 under 
the login address@hidden, but let's keep this example simple and consider 
just two:  address@hidden and address@hidden  The working dir 
dev1:/shared/bigproject is normally checked out using :ext or :pserver with 
joe's login (CVSROOT=:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot). 

[Yes, I know sharing working dirs is not generally considered kosher, but in 
this case, for lots of reasons I don't want to explain, we have to share 
for now.  Yes, I know we could give them all accounts on dev1, but I'd like 
to avoid that if there is a simple CVS trick here.]

My question:  Under these circumstances, is it possible to have joe and 
sally's dev1 commits from dev1:/shared/bigproject register in CVS under 
their *cvs1* identities, joe and sally, via pserver without having to 
twiddle the CVS/Root values and while still sharing the address@hidden 
account to make changes?

I'd hoped to set the CVSROOT for checking out the shared dir to the 

        export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs1:/cvsroot

and then have CVS just prompt for the cvs1 login and passwd during 'cvs 
login', but it's a syntax error not to provide the <address@hidden> form.  That 
seems like a nice enhancement for cases like this.

As I read it, the CVS manual,

shows an example of the reverse case with address@hidden and address@hidden 
committing as address@hidden  I am looking for the reverse scenario.  In my 
terms:  address@hidden and address@hidden sharing address@hidden, but having 
logged under melissa and qproj.


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