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Re: Deleting/pruning branches?

From: Jim
Subject: Re: Deleting/pruning branches?
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 19:34:06 -0700

> Please do not send MIME and/or HTML encrypted messages to the list.
> Plain text only, PLEASE!

Heh - 90% of the time I check to make sure that the setting is still 'plain
text' musta missed that one - haven't had to change it in a while anyhow...

> What do you mean by "compress out the old revision history"?  It sounds
> like your vendor branch isn't taking up more than a trivial amount of
> space in your repository, why don't you just ignore it?

I mean that I have a lot of history that I don't really need... and the
problem is not everything has the release/vendor tag... so compressing
history is failing... I dunno I'll pursue it more - but those things that
had a vendor tag I didn't seem to be able to remove the inbetween versions
either - maybe was just a wrong option - I'll play with it more this weekend
and provide more details.

But - since you didn't immdiatly say 'hey you can use.......' I guess
there's no way to lop a branch off (prune) ...  or maybe the problem is that
my current configuration ends up being entirely within the branch and I'm
not on the head?  I started once upon a time with a cvs import -m "initial"
common fc inital

mmm wonder if I ended up with a -b in there too - I don't think so.... but
anyhow sorry - more later.

> -Larry Jones
> Isn't it sad how some people's grip on their lives is so precarious
> that they'll embrace any preposterous delusion rather than face an
> occasional bleak truth? -- Calvin

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