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Re: Do we have an alternative to tag, to record status of cvs repo

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Do we have an alternative to tag, to record status of cvs repo
Date: 06 May 2003 09:46:24 -0400
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> I was wondering whether we have a whatfile kind of tool which was used in
> RCS(version no. of each file stored in a whatfile, which is used to check
> out the entire code base later). I tried to create a similar kind of tool
> using the CVS commands. I am able to create the info file by traversing
> through the Entries files in my local copy. But a check out using this file
> is taking around 4 hours, as I am issuing a check out command for each
> file separately.

How about using the Entries file directly and blindly ?
Something like:

    cp CVS/Entries .../whatfile

you can then retrieve the corresponding code by doing something like:

    mkdir -p foo/CVS
    cd foo
    echo $CVSROOT >CVS/Root
    echo $PROJECTNAME >CVS/Repository
    cp .../whatfile CVS/Entries
    cvs update

Ah, no that won't work because update will try and get new things on
the branch. How about you take an existing workspace and do

    cp .../whatfiles CVS/Entries
    cvs update -C -r BASE

which should even save you from downloading files which haven't changed.
But CVS handles very poorly the "-r BASE" kind of tricks, so it won't
do quite what you want.


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