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Re: CVS update, set date on local harddrive to same as the repository

From: Ted Stern
Subject: Re: CVS update, set date on local harddrive to same as the repository
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 15:35:01 -0700
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On 8 May 2003, Paul Sander wrote:
> Why not occasionally do a "head -1 file > /dev/null" on the files you want
> to keep?

I want to keep *everything* I check out, at least for the time it takes me to
do a build, otherwise I wouldn't be checking it out, would I?

No need to blame the victim here -- I'm simply saying that there is a problem
with the current configuration, and how can I change it?  I know that it can
be and has been changed, because a few versions back the mod-time of the
repository version was *not* preserved on checkout.

Fortunately other responders have access to the appropriate location of code
and it appears that the problem will be addressed in future versions.

For more background: on certain filesystems, it happens frequently that files
disappear in between the time I start an O(10K) file checkout and the end of
the checkout 10 minutes later.

The only safe way to do checkouts at the moment is to do this command 

         find checkoutdir -type f -print | xargs touch -a

(a bit more efficient than your technique) every minute or two while the
checkout is taking place.  And even then a file will sometimes get pruned.

> And why are they pruning files based on access time?  Don't they realize
> that people still want their data after they return from vacation?

Note my employer, please ;-).  Disk space on fast partitions of a
supercomputer can be limited, and not everyone can be trusted to clean up
after themselves.  The admins set up this policy for certain partitions and
users are auto-flamed if they use up too much space there.  It isn't a problem
because there is a massive storage facility available to do your own backups
-- if you want to save something, back it up.

Suffice it to say, CVS users here would like the access time set differently
than the mod time on checkout.

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