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CVS diffs

From: Pitfield, Nickolas
Subject: CVS diffs
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 03:38:29 -0500


I've been asked to provide some metrics on code churn for one of our projects - the source of which resides in CVS: the server is on SuSE 7.2 box and the clients are on Solaris 8 (cvs v1.10) and Win2K (wincvs 1.3).

What I've been asked to provide is the weekly code churn (number of lines changed/added/deleted as a percentage of total code size). This is required from the head 5 months ago until a particular release was branched, and then for that particular branch to the present).

I'm relatively new to CVS. I can figure out the date/branch-related stuff, but am not sure about the diffing at all. I can see nothing in Cederqvist about diffs of this metric-gathering nature, only diffs for patch-application purposes - in fact all the diff variants I'm aware of have no metrics gathering stuff that I've seen. Are there any options to get such info out of cvs diff/rdiff, or am I going to have to hack the diff output ?

Not being Python literate I'll be writing a bash/ksh script for this.


    Nick Pitfield
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