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Question of the (my) day ...

From: David Whitehurst
Subject: Question of the (my) day ...
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 22:59:36 -0400

Long story short ... I want to write java code on my XP laptop.  I tried
WinCVS.  Worked fine local.  Now, I am recruiting help, I start a Linux box
at home my domain was purchased.  Got it serving apache and installed CVS,
all code, and ViewCVS which is viewable on my site  First I spent a week trying to get port
2401 to open up and run cvspserver.  I got that now and I got encrpyted
passwords, just the linux kind in passwd file for one account.

I tried putty on XP, ssh is installed somehow on the linux as openssh, but I
don't know what I'm doing. And port 22 isn't showing using nmap <hostname>
To save me some time.  What is the best and most secure setup for me to use
and for me to document on my site for my associates to use also?  I like
WinCVS but I am now getting some root permission error on .cvsignore and
can't change directory.  I don't want to keep searching and trying other
people's failures, I'd prefer to have someone (senior preferrable) say,
study this, and install and use this ...

When I decided to open my project to others, the linux admin net got me
good.  I have done nothing but work on this web server for days now.  I want
to code!

Thanks, for any suggestions on the CVS use via Windows and server on Lunux.
I just want to stop until I can get some help.


David L. Whitehurst
aka. PiratePete

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