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Re: Another stupid question ...

From: Max Bowsher
Subject: Re: Another stupid question ...
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 11:19:31 +0100

David Whitehurst wrote:
> If I get cvs checkout <myproject> to work.  Can others do the same?


> And,
> does this mean that CVS "cares" who all has complete copies of the
> or ... does it only count when any of us checkin?

There is no tracking of checkouts.

> I am a Visual SourceSafe
> guy and this is a little different.
> I want to have several developers use my CVS server.  Can someone explain
> some scenarios?  And, do we checkout everything to get a local copy to
> to build


> or can we just get a read only version and then checkout single
> files?

CVS simply does not use the concept of "reserved checkouts". Any conflicts
that may occur are resolved at checkin time, automatically unless they


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