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commited files question

From: Pitfield, Nickolas
Subject: commited files question
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 09:02:23 -0500


As part of our overnight build process, we tag everything in a particular branch prior to actual checkout. These tags are of the form e.g. DEV_3_2_1_223 (where DEV_3_2_1 is the branch name, and 223 is the overnight build number) - these tags are retained for 20 days before being deleted.

If I wanted to determine which files have been updated between two builds (say 221 and 223), what would be the best way:

I figured "cvs log -r DEV_3_2_1_221:DEV_3_2_1_223" - which I'm running (very slowly) now.

Any better ways ? I'm not looking for actual diffs, just the files that were changed.

Urgent responses most appreciated :-)


    Nick Pitfield
Configuration Management Engineer
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