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Permission issue with CVS (linux or Windows?)

From: David Whitehurst
Subject: Permission issue with CVS (linux or Windows?)
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 19:10:30 -0400

Hi and thanks for the help so far all of you.  I have set up a CVS server on
port 2401 on my linux webserver.  I got ViewCVS to work also.  I deleted my
local CVS repository on my Dell XP laptop.  I was using WinCVS but now I
want some friends to help out, so I got the CVS on the linux box.

Does anyone know how to fix my problem?  I get a can't find /root/.cvsignore
and can't change directory to /root.  I am running as root on linux.  The
xinetd.d file "cvspserver" actually contains the --allow-root in the server
config.  Where does the problem lie?  With linux? or WinCVS?  I have had so
many problems getting this to work.  I can login using pserver command and
this is successful.  The error occurs when I try to checkout modules.  Does
anyone know how to correct the environment problem?



David L. Whitehurst
aka. PiratePete

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