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Blank Spaces in folder name in modules file

From: WALTERS, CRAIG P [AG/1000]
Subject: Blank Spaces in folder name in modules file
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 14:36:10 -0500

I am trying to set up "-d" line in the modules file for a folder that has a 
blank in the name.  For instance, what I am trying to do is define:
ArchCSharpPersistence    -d Source/csharp/Persistence/DB Persistent Store     
Architecture/StarterSets/Source/CSharp/Persistence/DB Persistent Store

I can't figure out how to correctly escape the blanks.  I have tried:
"Source/csharp/Persistence/DB Persistent Store"     
"Architecture/StarterSets/Source/CSharp/Persistence/DB Persistent Store"
Source/csharp/Persistence/"DB Persistent Store"     
Architecture/StarterSets/Source/CSharp/Persistence/"DB Persistent Store"
Source/csharp/Persistence/DB\ Persistent Store     
Architecture/StarterSets/Source/CSharp/Persistence/DB\ Persistent Store

All fail when I try to check out a module using this folder with a message 
saying, in effect that the blank is causing the folder to not be found.

Any suggestions?

System is Unix (Sun)

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